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DataNovata: Benefits

Cost effective - DataNovata is a cost effective solution. Hardware licenses, software licenses and software maintenance costs can be vastly reduced, hence a quick and lucrative ROI can be achieved.

No migration required - DataNovata uses the original database, so no migration is required. Any other processes that access the database can be left untouched.

Portable, low cost platform - DataNovata runs on any operating system supporting Java, so apart from the database management system all that is required is Java and a web server, both of which are free.

Web-enabled - A DataNovata application is accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time on any PC with a suitable login and internet/intranet connection.

Improved workflow - Using a DataNovata application, users can find answers to their queries extremely quickly.

Durable - DataNovata is written entirely in Java and access to the data is through industry-standard SQL, providing the best possible assurance that your data will always be fully accessible.

Simple to install - Application installation is simply a matter of entering a URL into a web browser; any future updates are installed automatically.

No training required - The intuitive user interface of a DataNovata application is designed with the end-user in mind, requires no technical expertise and is fully configurable.

Powerful - A DataNovata application allows navigation through the data hierarchy, enabling drill down and traverse of data. New relationships can also be created, unleashing the full power of SQL and Java.

Secure - All communication uses SSL, the industry standard for communication security. The application also contains its own security system to limit user access, which can be integrated with Active Directory.

Extendable - A DataNovata application can be tailored and extended to suit precise requirements, ranging from interactive drag-and-drop design of the forms to simple scripts to extend the user interface.

Enables statutory compliance - With its automatic data retention process, DataNovata helps organizations that are obliged to keep data accessible for many years or have to remove data once certain conditions are met.

Quicker ERP Implementation - If decommissioned applications are making way for new systems such as ERP, DataNovata can minimize the amount of legacy data brought forward, reducing timescales significantly.

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Compatibility and Requirements

Apart from the database that is the basis of the application, all that is required is the Java Development Kit (JDK) and a web server. It is also recommended that NetBeans IDE or similar is used for controlling the DataNovata development environment.

The end-user only needs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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