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S/REXX: A REXX-compatible language for UNIX and Windows

The UNIX product offerings from Treehouse Software, Inc. (TSI), include S/REXX, a REXX-compatible language for UNIX and Windows.

The differences between the mainframe and the UNIX and Windows platforms are significant. None of the familiar mainframe tools exist on UNIX and Windows. It takes time to learn the operating system differences, programming differences, etc. This steep learning curve can be frustrating, especially to productive, experienced mainframe users. Fortunately, S/REXX can help reduce the learning curve.

S/REXX is REXX on UNIX and Windows!

REXX is an IBM SAA standard, suitable for a variety of development tasks. S/REXX is a UNIX and Windows macro language that emulates the IBM mainframe REXX language. REXX can be used to create macros for XEDIT and ISPF, perform system administration functions, and even develop applications. S/REXX can be used on UNIX and Windows for these same functions.

S/REXX Improves on REXX

S/REXX also provides additional capabilities not present in REXX on the mainframe:

  • Allows S/REXX programs to contain a virtually unlimited number of lines, nested parentheses, variables, etc. through Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Permits C programs to execute S/REXX programs
  • Executes UNIX and Windows commands and uses the output in S/REXX programs
  • Supports Motif or OpenLook dialog boxes with buttons, toggles, input zones, etc.
  • Supports SEDIT (an XEDIT and ISPF/PDF compatible editor for UNIX and Windows)

S/REXX provides many improvements that take advantage of UNIX and Windows and make S/REXXeasier to use and more flexible than mainframe REXX.

Optional S/REXX Debugger

The separately-priced S/REXX Debugger provides an interactive graphical debugging environment for the S/REXX macro language. The S/REXX Debugger allows the user to step through the execution ofS/REXX programs, locating and fixing bugs quickly.

To download a free 30-day trial, please click here.


Compatibility and Requirements

Many of your mainframe REXX scripts may run under S/REXX without substantial modification.

S/REXX and the S/REXX Debugger support IBM's AIX, Windows 95/NT, Hewlett Packard's HP/UX, Sun Microsystems' SunOS and Solaris, IRIX, SCO, Linux, and other UNIX operating systems.



S/REXX Fact Sheet

S/REXX Product Overview

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