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Powered by cognitive computing

Welcome to the future of computing. Cognistx applies the latest in machine learning technology (AI) -- including Big Data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing -- to solve your business challenge. From app-based retail solutions to help desk chat interfaces, clickstream interceptors to call center systems and more, this technology helps solve your most pressing issues.

Smarter with each interaction

The SmartCognitives Recommendation Engine is always learning and automatically delivering smarter, more relevant offers so your marketing is faster, more accurate and more efficient. It can be integrated into your mobile apps, web sites, databases, POS systems and more -- for smarter solutions right away.

Transforming consumers into Individuals

Imagine being able to target consumers as unique individuals and serving up exactly what they want exactly when they need it most. No one wants to be treated like a consumer -- but people do want to be treated like individuals. That's why Cognistx is here-- to celebrate the power of the individual and transform the customer experience.

Engaging with the SmartCognitives Engine

The Cognistx engine is technology-agnostic, so it can be easily integrated into apps, chatbots, clickstream interceptors, call center systems, decision support systems, or other custom applications.

Retailers Adopting Cognitive Technology to Drive Business

Meet a new cognitive-powered app that's changing the customer experience. Using the SmartCognitives Engine, it harnesses the full power of customer data to create intelligent, individualized offers specifically designed for each customer. It's how Cognistx is helping Mr. Tire reach their millions of customers as true individuals, drive incremental revenue, convert data into insights and lead the cognitive revolution in the automotive industry. Check out the video below to see it in action.


Want to learn more?

We'd love to learn more about your challenges and how cognitive computing can revolutionize your business. Contact us and let's get a conversation started.


The Treehouse / Cognistx Solution

Treehouse Software provides world-class capabilities to acquire data from relevant structured sources--especially mainframe-based sources--across the enterprise, enabling solutions leveraging Cognistx technology to offer the most advanced interaction with customers.

Treehouse's tcVISION is a comprehensive product that can acquire data in bulk or via change data capture methods, including in real time, from virtually any IBM mainframe data source (Software AG Adabas, IBM DB2, IBM VSAM, IBM IMS/DB, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, even sequential files), and transform and deliver to virtually any target. In addition, the same product can extract and replicate data from a variety of non-mainframe sources, including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 LUW and DB2 BLU, IBM Informix and PostgreSQL.

SQL-based (ODBC/JDBC) interfaces to the various IBM mainframe data sources cited above can be provided by Treehouse using tcVISION's sister product tcACCESS.

Treehouse supplies the trusted data foundation, and the Cognistx platform translates that data into insights, those insights into customer actions, and those actions into incremental revenue.


Cognistx Fact Sheet

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