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The N2OSCAN utility processes the source of NATURAL objects, scanning for up to 50 strings at a time over the object/library range specified by the user, and reports on (or records for future lookup) all matches. See how N2OSCAN works.

N2O's N2OSCAN goes beyond the capabilities of the NATURAL SCAN utility to provide Programmers and Analysts with extensions and flexibility that makes searching for specific strings within NATURAL objects easier than ever. With N2OSCAN, not only can entire NATURAL libraries be searched, but also ranges of NATURAL objects and ranges of NATURAL libraries within a NATURAL FUSER. Absolute scans are supported to allow for searching of strings starting with or containing a specific set of characters. Because it is a character string search and the user specifies what to search for, strings in any language (i.e., English, French, German, etc.) may be specified.

Searches are not limited to a single string. Within a single pass of the NATURAL objects, multiple search strings may be specified. Additionally, to eliminate "false hits" from the scan output, the user may specify strings to exclude from the search. This permits, for example, an absolute scan for the string "DATE", which excludes occurrences of the NATURAL statement "UPDATE".

The search parameters and strings are created and maintained using the NATURAL Editor. These parameters and strings (called Scan Parm Sets) are stored as NATURAL text objects, allowing them to be specified, modified if necessary, and used multiple times if desired.

Results from a scan run include a detailed list of all "hits" (indicating the specific lines where strings were found), as well as summary data showing statistics at the object, library, and complete-run level. All results from scans are stored in an ADABAS file, allowing for further analysis and reporting. The results can be viewed either on-line or printed out in batch.

Environment Scan Utility
The Environment Scan Utility permits scans to be conducted on an entire Environment (i.e., the complete FUSER file), a range of libraries, a single library, a range of objects, or a single object.

Library Scan Utility
The Library Scan Utility permits scans to be conducted on an entire library, a range of objects, or a single object.

Select Object Scan Output Set
The Select Object Scan Output Set function displays statistical information about the objects that were scanned:

Statistics shown include the number of lines where any of the strings specified were found (Lines Hit), the total number of lines in the object (Lines Total), and the percentage of lines within the object that have any of the strings specified (% Lns Hit). N2OSCAN will also differentiate between comment and non-comment lines, showing the same statistics for non-comment lines (NonCom LnsHit, NonCom LnsTot, %NonC LnsHit).

Object Source View
The Object Source View function displays the source code of a scanned object with found strings ("hits") highlighted. This scan was performed using the SAMPLE01 Scan Parm Set (delivered with N2OSCAN) as input:

Scan Output Detail Function

The Scan Output Detail function displays strings found and the line numbers of the lines on which they were found in the object selected. (If the object selected is a data area, lines will be numbered sequentially.)


Compatibility and Requirements

N2O operates under Z/OS, DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, and BS2000.

N2O/3GL operates under Z/OS.



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