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tcVISION Load of an IBM DB2 Image Copy to PostgreSQL:

tcVISION IBM VSAM Realtime Synchronization to Microsoft SQL Server:


tcVISION DB2 Realtime Synchronization to a Big Data Environment (KAFKA):


tcVISION Bidirectional Synchronization CA Datacom with PostgreSQL:


tcVISION Oracle Realtime Synchronization to PostgreSQL:


tcVISION DB2 z/OS Realtime Synchronization to Oracle:


tcVISION DB2 Realtime to SQL Azure


tcVISION IMS/DB z/OS to PostgreSQL

tcVISION Db2 z/OS to AWS PostgreSQL

tcVISION Oracle Realtime Data Replication to Kafka

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Read More: tcVISION - Mainframe-to-Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Replication

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tcACCESS and tcVISION Customer Case Studies

Element Fleet Management: tcVISION Real-time, Bi-directional Synchronization Between IBM Mainframe Datacom and PostgreSQL

Suddeutsche Krankenversicherung (SDK): tcVISION for synchronization between VSAM and Microsoft SQL Server

BAWAG P.S.K.: tcVISION for real-time replication to Apache Hadoop

Bishopric of Mainz: tcVISION connects ADABAS/C with Windows MS-SQLServer

Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung w.V.: Bidirectional ADABAS (z/OS)-to-Oracle (LINUX) with tcACCESS and tcVISION

Blum: Bidirectional tcVISION v4 IMS and DB2 z/OS, and DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW

BRUNATA: Data Integrity Between Different Database Worlds (DL/I, DB2) with tcACCES and tcVISION

EADS: tcACCESS and tcVISION allow Mainframe IMS to SQL Server

Fendt Tractors: NATURAL applications use the tcACCESS SQL-interface to access
DB2-tables on SAP R/3

Mabanaft: VSE - VSAM (Realtime CICS & Batch)

RDC Datacentrum: Bidirectional synchronization between CA-IDMS/DB and
DB2/UDB and MS-SQLServer

Basler Versicherungen: tcVISION replicates DB2 z/OS to DB2 on Windows

Osterreichische Wertpapierdaten Service GmbH (OWS): tcVISION replicates
DB2 z/OS to Intel-based Linux System

HANS KOLB Wellpappe: tcACCESS connects Mainframe CICS to Windows and LINUX

City of Leipzig: tcACCESS connects Mainframe IMS to Windows and JAVA Resources



tcVISION Data Sheet

White Paper
Legacy Data Migration: DIY Might Leave You DOA

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