ADAMAGIC: Data Extraction Utility for Adabas

Not surprisingly, converting Adabas files to a UNIX or Linux format is not a popular task with DBAs. Too many steps. Too much time. Too much overhead. ADAMAGIC turns this time-consuming, costly process into a simple and efficient one.

Fast, Convenient Processing

ADAMAGIC can be used to convert all application data files from an EBCDIC Adabas database to equivalent files on a UNIX ASCII database. It does this by using an OS/390, Z/OS, or VSE Adabas ADASAV to load Adabas C databases on UNIX.

ADAMAGIC also reads UNIX ADABCK backup tapes to create subsets of data for testing or reporting. Therefore, ADAMAGIC is useful to DBAs who need to convert from mainframe to UNIX, easily access historical data from Adabas backups, or populate test databases.

How Does it Work?

ADAMAGIC reads ADASAV (mainframe) or ADABCK (UNIX) backup tape(s) to extract data for one or more selected files. ADAMAGIC uses this data to create compressed files in the same format as the compressed data (DTA) and Descriptor Value Table (DVT) files written by UNIX ADACMP or as flat ASCII files in a variety of formats, including CSV format.

Corresponding to each pair of DTA and DVT files, an ASCII text file is written containing input parameters suitable for the UNIX file definition utility ADAFDU.

ADAMAGIC can be optionally run to extract the ADAFDU information without extracting the actual data, or to extract ADAFDU information and DTA but not DVT.

Files output from ADAMAGIC can be loaded into Adabas on UNIX, can be decompressed and used as input for an application program, or can be input to ADAREORG, a file restructuring utility also available from Treehouse Software.

Automated Control

To automate control of ADAMAGIC, a UNIX script can be invoked at the end of each output file (e.g., to execute ADAFDU to create a new file or ADAMUP to load the data into Adabas).

Compatibility and Requirements

ADAMAGIC operates under HP/UX, IBM/AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, or Windows.




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