Expertise to Optimize Your Investment

If retirements, hiring freezes, budget constraints, or lack of qualified expertise have you gasping for
Adabas/Natural resources, the consultants at Treehouse Professional Services are here to help.


Since 1982, Treehouse Software's principal business has been to help Adabas/Natural customers with our outstanding software and services, for both mainframe and LUW (Linux/Unix/Windows) platforms. We know that organizations using Adabas/Natural applications for their business operations are feeling the pressure to be more efficient and productive, and to contribute to overall enterprise cost savings.

Take advantage of Treehouse's decades of experience in Adabas/Natural optimization, systems security, control, auditing, performance enhancement and application development and support. Treehouse Professional Services is a life-saver when dwindling financial and human resources make it difficult to maintain past levels of IT capabilities for your organization.

Our expert consultants can provide Adabas/Natural performance analysis, environment tuning, and optimization; development, training and implementation services involving any Adabas/Natural-related technology; product installation, upgrades, and training; data replication and integration; application rehosting and modernization; and DBA services.

Give us a call today, and tell us about your current Adabas/Natural situation, and we can discuss how Treehouse Professional Services can ease your company's financial undertow. Identifying your departmental and enterprise needs is the starting point for any successful consulting project. When you call Treehouse Software for an IT needs assessment, you will come away knowing what steps your company has to take in order to get started with our services the right way -- by making sure you have a comprehensive picture of your needs and the solutions.

A Treehouse Professional Services representative will conduct simple and short interviews with key employees of your department to understand what issues you would like to address, and determine the optimal solution. We will then follow up with a response on how we can help you meet your IT goals.

Treehouse Professional Services consultants are Adabas/Natural specialists, and we understand the demands placed on departments like yours. Our services can be the key factor in helping overcome your department's issues, and allowing you to benefit from:

  • Focused IT strategy

  • Reduction in operating costs

  • Savings in time and resources

  • Empowerment of current IT staff

Everybody wins

Your shop can get the most out of your the Adabas/Natural environment and improve employee productivity by letting Treehouse Professional Services handle daily DBA tasks, train and mentor your key staff, and develop, support, modernize and/or integrate your applications and databases.

We offer proven and cost-effective services, short-term or long-term, remote and on-site, staff augmentation or full-blown projects, mainframe or LUW. Through our expert consultants -- many with over 20 years of Adabas/Natural experience -- we ensure that your business-critical systems are benefiting from the highest level of skill and know-how. We are here to assist when you can't do it all yourself.

We understand your challenges
  • How can I integrate systems of record with systems of engagement (Web/mobile/services/analytics/Big Data)?

  • How can I help my developers be more productive?

  • Where can I get skilled Adabas/Natural resources?

  • Can I reduce/contain operational costs?

  • Would consolidating our IT architecture have benefits?

  • Is it possible to move my Adabas/Natural applications to the Cloud?

  • How can I optimize performance, cost-effectiveness and availability of Adabas/Natural applications?

  • How can I meet the demands and requirements for security, audit, compliance and system manageability?

Here's how we can help...

DBA and systems programming

  • On-site and remote Adabas/Natural DBA Services on mainframes and open systems, including monitoring, preventive maintenance and administration

  • 24-hour telephone support

  • Software product installation and upgrades

  • Ongoing Natural Security and system security administration services

  • Disaster recovery planning, and participation in disaster recovery tests

  • Participation in actual disaster recovery in the event of a declared disaster

  • Special technical routines and user exits (Assembler, C)

Training and mentoring

  • Formal training classes in Adabas/Natural and related technology

  • Application development and DBA skills transfer and coaching

Application development, support and optimization

  • Natural and COBOL application development and support

  • Development and implementation services involving any Adabas/Natural-related technology

  • Adabas/Natural performance analysis, environment tuning and optimization, including Natural coding approaches, Adabas file design and feature usage, and related issues

Modernization and infrastructure adaptation
  • Data replication, migration and integration (Adabas, VSAM, Db2, IMS/DB, CA IDMS, CA Datacom, Oracle, SQL Server) solution implementation


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