Adabas / Natural Related Products

Treehouse Software offers a comprehensive set of products that are complementary to the Software AG mainframe product line (Adabas database management system and Natural programming language) in the areas of data migration, security, control, auditing, performance enhancement, etc.

This product line consists of:

  • tRelational/DPS -- Maps, migrates, propagates Adabas to any RDBMS

  • DPSync -- Real-Time Propagation of ADABAS Transactions

  • TRIM -- Adabas and Natural performance monitor

  • N2O -- Natural application change management system

  • SECURITRE -- Adabas and Natural Security Interface to RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret

  • AUDITRE -- A generalized auditing facility for Adabas

  • PROFILER -- Natural quality assurance and testing tool

  • CHART -- Natural application analysis and documentation tool

  • ADAMAGIC -- Converts Adabas files to Unix/Linux format

  • ADAREORG -- Simplifies the task of reorganizing Adabas

  • ADASTRIP -- Performs Adabas unloads at any time

  • NatCDCSP -- Creates immediately-usable data out of the Adabas PLOG

  • NatQuery -- Generates Natural code to handle data extraction from Adabas


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