AUDITRE: A Generalized Adabas Auditing Facility

AUDITRE is Treehouse Software's generalized auditing facility for Adabas. AUDITRE is a popular tool that has proven to have many uses.

A Secure and Reliable Source

Adabas data may be modified by programs written in NATURAL, COBOL, etc. Regardless of the program used to modify the data, all changes are automatically recorded on the Adabas Protection Log. This makes the Protection Log a reliable, centralized source of information about data changes, and the ideal input for AUDITRE.

Extensive Selection Criteria

You may not need to see the millions of changes on the Protection Log. You may be interested in changes made to records in a specific file if certain fields changed during a particular time frame, etc. AUDITRE supports many criteria for retrieving only the data you need.

Flexible Output Options

AUDITRE provides both summary and detail reports about Adabas data changes (adds, updates, and deletes). Hardcopy reports and sequential (flat-file) datasets may be produced.

AUDITRE summary reports show the number of adds, deletes, and updates made to specified files and fields. AUDITRE detail reports show "before" and "after" values of changed fields.

AUDITRE output datasets may be used as input for reporting, analysis, and other software. Thus, AUDITRE can provide data for update propagation, decision making, and more. Sites continue to find new ways to use the AUDITRE output.


Fast and Efficient

AUDITRE is written in Assembler to ensure maximum efficiency. Multiple reports and output datasets may be produced in a single pass over the Protection Log data. AUDITRE does not require Adabas to be active.

Compatibility and Requirements

AUDITRE operates under Z/OS, DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, and BS2000.


AUDITRE Fact Sheet

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