ADAREORG: A file reorganization tool for Adabas

Reorganizing physical databases is time-consuming and cumbersome. As a result, DBAs often postpone making changes that could improve system performance. Some DBAs avoid the task altogether, allowing their cluttered databases to waste time and money. ADAREORG simplifies the difficult task of reorganizing databases.

With ADAREORG, changes can be made to the physical structure of Adabas files quickly and easily. Fields can be inserted or deleted anywhere, even in PEs.

ADAREORG allows DBAs to reorder fields within a record, so that frequently accessed fields appear at the beginning of the record. This improves Adabas decompression time while being transparent to application programs. ADAREORG can easily remove unused fields, which results in saved space and avoids decompressing unused data.

How Does it Work?

ADAREORG accepts one or two Adabas files as the data source. When two files are used, the DBA specifies the field in each file that is to be the basis upon which the files are joined. The two input files may be compressed Adabas files, decompressed Adabas files, raw data, or a combination of these.

The ADAWAN/ADACMP cards describing the input and output records and the specified control and processing parameters are the only items necessary to successfully reorganize the physical database.

ADAREORG will produce a compressed restructured file without the need for decompressed intermediate datasets. Decompression, reorganization, and compression are all performed within a single job step.

Managing Change

ADAREORG not only allows DBAs to respond quicker to tuning information, but also to create new or additional files of selected records and fields. The power of ADAREORG extends to the data level. Data in a specified position in an input field may be placed in a specified position in an output field. Also, constants can be placed in output fields.

Reorganize Efficiently

ADAREORG decreases the effort required by the DBA to successfully reorganize the physical database. There is reduced disk space usage, since it does not require decompressed files to be produced.

Compatibility and Requirements

ADAREORG operates under z/OS.




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