ADASTRIP: A Data Extraction Utility for Adabas

ADABAS DBAs must have exclusive control of the files they wish to unload. This renders applications that access those files unavailable to users. To avoid this loss of productivity, DBAs often perform unloads outside of normal working hours. The result is costly overtime expenses. With ADASTRIP, however, DBAs are able to perform unloads from Adabas at any time without inconvenience to any online users. ADASTRIP extracts data from an Adabas backup dataset or an online Adabas database.

Precision and Power

ADASTRIP's comprehensive user-defined selection criteria allows users to create output files that contain almost any desired subset of Adabas records.

Output reports provide full statistical details on all the ADASTRIP extracts, as well as reports on the file definition tables (FDTs) being used.


The benefits of ADASTRIP include:

  • Efficiency - ADASTRIP uses considerably less computer resources to extract desired Adabas data than an unload of the database.

  • Improved Productivity - Batch processes can be converted to work on ADASTRIP extract files instead of "live" production files, avoiding conflict with on-line users.

  • Deferred Processing - Because ADASTRIP extracts data from the backup, processing can be deferred for as long as the backup is kept.

Multiple Uses for ADASTRIP
  • Select large amounts of data for inexpensive, overnight batch processing.

  • Export defined sets of data to other databases or for transmission to remote sites.

  • Access historical data quickly and easily for use in reporting.


ADASTRIP provides users with many useful features including the following:

  • Fast data extraction due to multi-tasking, which allows multiple backup tapes to be read in parallel.

  • Ability to build multiple sequential output files.

  • User-exit facility, which provides additional flexibility in record selection and processing.

  • Normalize option, which allows the "flattening out" of repeating groups, such as PEs and MUs. This is useful when migrating data to an RDBMS.

Compatibility and Requirements

ADASTRIP operates under z/OS.




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