SECURITRE: An Adabas and Natural Security Interface to RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret

Single Rule Base

SECURITRE is a security interface between the Adabas/Natural environment and a security system such as RACF, Top Secret or ACF2. SECURITRE allows the site to store all of its security "rules" in the single rule base of the security system. SECURITRE interfaces with the security system to determine if a given user may access a particular Adabas/Natural resource.

Placing all security rules into a single rule base eliminates the redundant effort required to administer several separate security rule bases. Security auditing and reporting efforts are simplified. Accountability and control are improved.

Comprehensive Controls

SECURITRE offers comprehensive access controls at the following levels:

  • Adabas: Database File, Field

  • Natural: Session Initialization, Library/Logon, Program, DDM

  • Adabas Utilities: Utility, Utility Function, Database, File

  • Applications: Internal Security Checks

SECURITRE controls access by User-ID, rather than passwords, for the ultimate in control and accountability.

Complete Flexibility

Some resources need very strict security, others require minimal security, and a few may require no security at all. SECURITRE allows you to place the right amount of security where it is needed, and this level can be adjusted as your needs change.

Program Pathing Sensitivity

Sites may wish to limit data access based on User-ID, program, library, terminal, job, etc. The SECURITRE Program Pathing feature enables data access to be restricted to specific users, programs, jobs, etc.

Efficient Security Checking

Every effort is made to reduce the performance impact of SECURITRE. The core code is written in highly tuned Assembler, and contains intelligent table mechanisms to avoid redundant security checking. As a result, SECURITRE overhead is very low.

SECURITRE Real-time Monitor

At times, it may be necessary to make quick changes to security. For this reason, one of the functions of the SECURITRE Real-time Monitor is to allow authorized personnel to display and change SECURITRE settings on-line.

Security for Other Treehouse Products

The Treehouse products TRIM and N2O interface with SECURITRE, extending the single security rule base to encompass these products. This makes it possible for your security system to control program migrations, performance monitoring activity, etc.

Compatibility and Requirements

SECURITRE operates under Z/OS.



SECURITRE Product Overview


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