tcVISION: Comprehensive Enterprise Mainframe-to-AWS Data Replication

tcVISION provides an easy and fast approach for hybrid cloud projects. tcVISION enables bi-directional data replication between the hardware and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The globalization of markets, the increase of data volumes, 24x7 operations, changing business conditions and high demand for up-to-date information require new data transfer and exchange solutions for heterogeneous IT architectures.

The tcVISION solution focuses on changed data capture (CDC) when transferring information between mainframe data sources and AWS databases and applications. Through an innovative technology, changes occurring in any mainframe application data are tracked and captured, and then published to a variety of RDBMS and other targets.

tcVISION's capture facilities detect changes in mainframe data sources without programming effort, and reduce the amount of data that must be transferred between systems to an absolute minimum. tcVISION guarantees transparent, efficient and auditable data transfer between sources and targets, and provides powerful routines to perform efficient, reliable bulk transfers of data. The tcVISION solution focuses on changed data when transferring information between mainframe and AWS.

tcVISION is an innovative technology that offers comprehensive abilities to identify and capture changes occurring in mainframe and relational databases, then publish the required information to a variety of targets.

How does tcVISION replicate mainframe data to AWS?

The tcVISION Solution
  • tcVISION provides modeling and mapping via a GUI modeler.

  • tcVISION enables bi-directional replication for a variety of non-mainframe sources, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2 LUW and Db2 BLU, IBM Informix and PostgreSQL.

  • tcVISION has implemented Big Data as a standard output platform.

  • tcVISION allows mainframe data to quickly and easily be integrated in near real-time into Hadoop-based operative applications or Business Intelligence and Analytics.

  • tcVISION change capture facilities identify changes in mainframe and relational data sources without programming effort.

  • tcVISION transfers the changed data to target mainframe and relational databases and applications in real time, in time intervals or in response to events.

  • tcVISION guarantees transparent and auditable data transfer between sources and targets.
    tcVISION provides powerful processors to perform fast, efficient and reliable transfers of mass data.

  • tcVISION can deliver drastic savings for all mainframe-related data exchange operations. Change Data Capture reduces costs: less processing time, less hardware and less human resources are needed for exchange of information.

  • tcVISION reduces the amount of data that must be transferred between the different systems to an absolute minimum.

  • Only data that has been changed is transferred--only data that is really needed will be moved.

tcVISION Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS Marketplace

There are three versions of the tcVISION AMI on the AWS Marketplace:

1. tcVISION Mainframe Batch Integration (MBI) for AWS - Bring Your Own License

2. tcVISION Distributed Database Integration (DDI) for AWS - Pay as You Go on AWS

3. tcVISION Enterprise Change Data Capture (CDC) Integration for AWS - Bring Your Own License

The tcVISION AMI automatically sets up the product on the AWS Cloud and allows customers to use it with either backup/recovery mainframe files or Windows files, or to set up connectivity for real-time, on-premises mainframe data replication to AWS.

Click here to access tcVISION listings on the AWS Marketplace:

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